Can't access

Dear Admin,

I have a problem in accessing to your website, I have an ADSL connection at home, it’s working seem to be fine but everytime I try to connect to it always say that "
Welcome …

Unfortunately, due to abuse, this site is temporarily not available …

If you feel this in error, send a mail to the hostmaster at this site, if you are an anti-social ill-behaving SPAM-bot, then just go away."

Could you please help me how can I access this useful website. I need it to study my english.

Thanks so much.
From Vietnam


I’ve just edited your posting and should point out that access is not possible because you have a comma at the end of the website address. Just type and you should be able to reach us.


Hi huytruong,

It might very well be that your IP has been blocked by our system. Our site is being accessed by so called email spam bots several times a day. Those are software programs that roam the Internet downloading entire websites in order to collect email address information. Those addresses are then sold to people who send spam messages.
In know that in Vietnam Internet providers offer access to multiple accounts through one IP address. It’s very likely that another customer who is sharing the same IP address like you has used their Internet connection to download our site. That’s why our system has blocked this particular IP address. If you know your IP address you can give it to us and we can look through log files to see if it’s there.

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