cannon fodder

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Would you please tell and explain to me, what does ‘cannon fodder’? I searched it on oxford dictionary but I cannot get it. [color=red]Cannon fodder means ordinary soldiers thought of as nothing but military materials without regard for their lives.In advanced Thank you very much indeed
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I wonder which kind of a novel did you find that slang in?

cannon fodder = cannon food… targets for the cannon.

They are the lower ranks of fighters who those in authority consider might have to be sacrificed for the greater good. They are regretfully expendable if their deaths or injuries mean that the side they are fighting for can advance.

The men in the trenches were treated like cannon fodder so that the battle could ultimately be won.

E2 - I wouldn’t consider it to be a ‘slang phrase’. It didn’t necessarily come from a novel either.

Thank you very much indeed, I never understood it if you, dear teacher, would not have explained. :slight_smile:
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Some of my friends often tell me that Mitra is an odd words searcher!!!
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[color=red]CANNON FODDER:)

Ought I to make conclusion that global weapon trader bullets do not hurt any more?

Let me know the meaning of cannon fodder pls

Hello macs,

Please read the thread from the beginning. The meaning has already been given.

I don’t have the faintest idea what you mean by ‘global weapon trader bullets’ or its significance here.