Can you spell backward?

I’ve tried several ways to memorize a vocabulary. Unfortunately, there is no easy way, but there are some methods easier than the others. Each individual can discover his or her own way to memorize the vocabularies. It takes time and effort.

While I was searching for an easy way to memorize a word, I found out something amazing. There is a way to spell a vocabulary in backward!!! Not even backward, but also in any direction you want. It is easy and everyone can do it.

All what you have to do is [color=red]imagine a vocabulary as an [color=red]image. To do this, look at a word then close your eyes. Try to see the word while your eyes are closed. [color=red]Repeat again and again until you can see it clearly. When you can see the word in your imagination like an image, then you can spell it in any way you like.

If there is a long word, divide it into two sections or more. Then combine it together in your imagination. Then try to spill it. [color=red]Repeat this method several times until you succeed.

Three words per day can be handled by anyone very easily and the result will be amazing. And remember, as much as you [color=red]practice, as much as you improve.

My spelling error reduced dramatically by this way. Try it and tell me what you found. I’ll be happy to hear your experiments.

Um … I think you mean “spell” and “spelling” rather than “spill” and “spilling”.

Assuming it’s not a deliberate joke, this is a rather unfortunate error in the circumstances…

Ops :slight_smile:

I change it. Thank you for your correction.