Can you review and give advice about my toefl essay?

Question: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support.

My essay:

In nowadays, we have a better understanding of how sports and social activities are crucial in people’s lives. Many people gain these sport habits and social abilities in their school life. Universities and colleges have a limited source to build classes, libraries and to make sport areas or activities. This budget arrangement for these is vital for students. While some universities don’t meet the same amount of money neither technical nor social. I believe that educational institutions should arrange the same financial support. Both of them are important for students quality of life and to improve their personal character.
First of all, due to sports and social activities advantages, students have become much more healthy physically and mentally. Generally, students are more eager for their lesson when doing sports. When I was university, we were organizing a basketball game to motivate us before the final exams. In this way, some of my overweight classmates lost weight so got rid of their health problems. Furthermore, the University of Gaziantep studies show that who gains regular sport habits and has a healthy body system have studied at schools that provide these opportunities equally.
Secondly, these activities also impact students lives in personal skills. They have an opportunity to discover themselves while doing activities. By way of example, one of my closest friends found his hide talent which is badminton. After a little while, he attended the biggest world badminton tourney so this sport has turned into his career. Moreover, students can socialize and feel more comfortable in public. When they encounter difficulties, they can review different aspects and find easily solutions. Besides, it is inevitable that the possibility of students have a bright feature is higher because they meet chances in their life.
In conclusion, receiving an equal budget, often considered an undesirable thing, obviously has its benefits. In other words, schools should invest the same financial support for students’ physical and physiological health and for enhancing their qualifies.

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I would start with: Nowadays, we have a better understanding of/ Not “In nowadays”


Thank you, you are right.