Can you please help me draw a conclusion?

Hey All,
if a quote someone and I draw a conclusion of this person who I was quoting from,(he said it 10 years ago) do I have to use past tense?
quote : I’m stupid!
He said he was stupid, so I THINK he WAS stupid all right, or
He said he was stupid,so I THINK he IS stupid enough.
Thanks in advence

It’s a little complicated. It all depends on when the situation occurred, and whether he was only stupid at the time, or if he’s still stupid.

[color=blue]He said he was stupid [color=red](to refuse that job)[color=blue], and I think he was stupid [color=red](at that time, in that situation)[color=blue].

[color=blue]He said he was stupid [color=red](because he always refuses good jobs)[color=blue], and I think he is stupid [color=red](because he still refuses good jobs)[color=red].

Thank You Jamie, I thought noone would understand what I meant, but You’ve got it, and answered it as well,