Can you please correct my essay? It is about my hometown.

My friend Elsa is moving to my town and I am terribly excited to see how she will like it. Characterized by the environment, this town is prized by its people very dearly. Though it is certainly unavoidable that Elsa will find something about this town she dislikes, I believe ultimately she will love it just like I do.

Elsa adores birds tremendously and she has been craving to live near birds for years since her town does not possess many birds. Well, her desire can surely be satisfied in my little town. One third of this town is occupied by a huge park where birds abound. Apart from a myriad of wild birds, you can also be greeted by numerous beautiful domesticate birds! Having a special favor for birds, people in this town “walk birds” whenever they can. Once a gorgeous myna drew my attention and I stopped to appreciate her. Seeing an admirer, her master instructed her very proudly: “Sing, Anna!”. Well, I dare say that what I heard next was the sweetest melody I have ever enjoyed! I still remember the shinning of yearning and envy in Elsa’ s eyes when I told her this story. I know Elsa would love this town so much for its birds.

Well, Elsa must also be prepared for the noise in this town. I am not talking about traffic noise–that is actually not a problem at all for people here don’t drive much. The noise comes from quite a number of people: they sing notoriously loud, whether it be in parks or squares. What is worse is that the cracking voice of the performers are on most cases accompanied with rugged radios played at a maximum volume. At such noise, I guess Elsa would soon join people like me who always wished so vehemently that they had had no ears at all! But on the bright side, there are virtually as much people who spend time peacefully playing violin or pipa as well. Being a person so fond of instruments, I am sure that Elsa can soon dismiss the annoying noise and just focus on the beautiful music flowing from violins and the like.

I can actually envision Elsa’s reaction towards my town. She might have a hard time tolerating those loud radios and their owners at first, yet she would eventually fall in love with it. Then, She would not be able to help it when she said these words to herself every day: “Home, sweet home!”

Thank you for your feedback! Have a nice day:)

Sorry I forgot to post the question of the essay, here is it:

A person you know is planning to move to your town or city. What do you think this person would like and dislike about living in your town or city?

Hi, I think your writing is excellent. I could only find a few small errors. I am not that familiar with the TOEIC - is this the response to a question, like question 6 and 7?

Thank you Luschen! Here is me again:) I really learned from your corrections!

PS: I intended to post this essay on Preparation forum for TOEFL, but I took TOEIC for TOEFL on first glance. Sorry about the mistake.

A question here, Luschen. Can I use “ragged” to describe a radio? (I wanted to use “ragged” in the essay, yet I spelled it wrong, so there was a “rugged”… )