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                                                   MAJOR CHANGE

Education has changed drastically over the past 100 years. Let’s look at some comparisons. I didn’t live 100 years ago, so I’m going to use my imagination.
I understand from folk tale that in 1902 a teacher would arrive at the school earlier than the students to start a fire in the fireplace or stove to provide heat to the classroom. Today our schools have thermostats that regulate our heat automatically. What a bonus to those living in 2020. We have air conditioning to cool us down in the hotter months. Can you imagine what it’s like to wake up in the morning and have to light a fire to keep you warm? Not being able to cool yourself in the summer heat?
Elementary school was very different. The children went to local neighborhood schools. There was usually a teacher who taught all classes from first grade to seventh or eighth grade. Schools were a room. There was a chalkboard in front of the room .The children bought their own books. There was no electricity, so the sun was their light.They have to use feathers and ink to write.
Imagine that the school you went to in 1900 was a room divided into three classes. The teacher would teach all three classes, playing both the role of nurse and teacher at the same time. Today we have teachers who teach us a specific subject. I have a gym class with a gym teacher. When we need help, we can ask a guidance counselor for help. Unfortunately, we didn’t need security guards for the school 100 years ago, but today it’s a necessity.
Today we have the luxury of taking the bus to and from school. In 1900, you walked to school if you weren’t lucky to have a horse to take you to school.Today, hot lunches are served in a cafeteria. 100 years ago, children came home to eat lunch. Imagine you probably can’t bring your lunch because plastic lunch bags, paper bags and thermal bottles haven’t been invented yet.In those times before, it was often the case that children had to work, so that the family would have enough money.
Looking back 100 years ago, it seems that life was much more difficult. I am delighted that technology and innovation have made life much more comfortable and bearable.


Hi, if you use a modern browser such as Chrome it comes with a built-in spell checker so there is no need to have anyone check your spelling. You can can and should do that yourself.

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you can use grammarly or tools like this to check your spelling)

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