Can you advise me please?

I need your advice about some thing very important for me
Iam in engineering college and I have to choose my major in ingineering like(mechanical/electrical/petrolum/civil/computer/industrial/chemical)
I chose mechanical because I like it and I want to complete master in (engineering of airplanes) studing about planes.
but Iam fraid because it is hard and maybe I can’t complete studing.
I like also petrolum engineering
I need your help because I don’t know know which is better???please I need your advice

Dear bent_ilq8,

You have probably made the right desicion because you should choose the subject you have the greatest interest in. If you want to know everything about mechanical engineering you will be able to become an outstanding engineer. As for the other subject, I’m sure can combine them with each other. So, you could start studying mechanical engineering and then add sign up for some lessons in other subjects. After all they are related to each other and the more you know the better. You will have to continue learning after you have finished your studies so it’s very important to learn how to learn.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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