Can we stand on the same site?


As I?ve read sometimes ago there is an English idiom: to be on the same page. What I understood from that is the meaning that two or more people notice to have the same meaning/opinion and there isn?t neccessarily an opponent.

Now, in the German language the meaning of page and site can be expressed by the word “Seite”. It also can mean a page of a book as a place anywhere.

So there are two idioms:

to be on the same page (as I explained my understanding above)
to stand on the same site (what means to stand together with a person on the one place, while there are others standing at another place (in front of the first), for instance in an arguementation.

Now, are there similar idioms or meanings to my expressions?


hi Michael,

The only expression that comes to mind at the moment is singing from the same hymn sheet - often used in a political sense where politicians of the same party all agree on the same issues.

On the same site has me puzzled as to a similar meaning in English although I get the meaning as you have explained it. All I can think of at the moment is approaching it from the same standpoint, coming at it from the same angle. Widening it a bit further there is the expression stand shoulder to shoulder with someone ie totally in agreement with each other. This expression is frequently used in connection with Master Blair and Master Bush.

Just some thoughts


Hi Alan!

[color=red]Singing from the same hymn sheet , what a heroic idiom!!! But nevertheless, I like its polite style.

Standing shoulder to shoulder reminds me to fighting close by the shoulders ( in totally agreement), if you allow me expressing it that way. In the German there is still an intensification of that, what posssibly might be translated with “[color=orange]shouldershut” and not only in the English sounds nonsensical but often is used when two parties try to demonstrate totally totally agreement.