Can we add s with the word need?

Please tell me which is correct:
Order need to be revised
Order needs to be revised.

The second is better, but neither sound complete.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Here is complete sentence:
This order needs to be revised as domestic shipping applied.

Hi [color=red]Huma.m

I would like to add to the words of Beeesneees[color=red], “V+[color=red]s” come with ([color=red]she, [color=red]he, [color=red]it )[color=red] … “V+ without [color=red]s” come with ([color=red]they,[color=red] we, [color=red]you)[color=red] …Ok

Now with the word “[color=red]order”
so[color=red] , changed into pronoun it[color=red]…I mean[color=red], The could turn it to their pronoun
order [color=red]not
she(female) or he(male) or they(group without me) or we(group with me) or you(name) [color=red]… so, you will see that [color=red] it (anything [color=red]unthinking like[color=red]: cat or table or[color=red] order but not human )[color=red] .

order[color=red]=it[color=red] … it[color=red] Followed by V+[color=red]s …[color=red]"Order need[color=red]s .[color=red]…

[color=red]again “V+s” come with (she, he, it ) … “V+ without s” come with (they, we, you)

I hope you [color=red]understand me something [color=red]h3h3[color=red]h3 ,I do not have the [color=red]wealth of linguistic [color=red]…

[color=red]nice to [color=red]meet you[color=red] .