can these sentences be much better

Can you pls tell me if these sentences are grammatically correct and correct them if wrong or can you tell me if it can be much better.

  1. If he had been in our place he would have been pissed.

  2. If I didn’t apply the cream even fr 2days I used to get dark circles again.

  3. By the time I cross half the way on platform no 8 there is another train passing by.
    (Can you please help with right word to be used instead of “half way”)
    Can this sentence be much better.

  1. I assume this is informal? You wouldn’t use the expression formally. By ‘our place’ do you mean a location or in your situation? (If location, you should use ‘at’, otherwise it’s okay.) By ‘pissed’ do you mean annoyed or drunk? (If annoyed, in the UK it is best to add ‘off’ to avoid ambiguity. Otherwise it’s okay.)

  2. If I didn’t apply the cream, even for 2 days, I used to / would get dark circles again.

  3. By the time I’m half-way across platform 8, another train passes by.
    (What do uyou mean by ‘passes by’? … another train pulls out of the station?)

In the third sentences i mean that another train passess from other platfrom when a train on platform no.8 has already arrrived.
In the first sentence i am referring to the situation so is there anything else that according you would sound better instead of “in our place”

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Hello Namrata,

If your post is representative of the grammar advice contained on the website link, I would definitely advise learners to stay away from that website. What you’ve posted here is full of errors from beginning to end.

The expression is ‘rule of thumb’, and you can neither train nor retrain a rule of thumb.

No, the original sentence was NOT incorrect. In the sentence preceding that incorrect statement, you have used an incorrect comma.

Of course you can. The sentence is a standard type 3 conditional.

You’ve changed the time frame of the original sentence from past to present.

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Comma usage should be the least of your worries for a time, you make other, more glaring mistakes, such as “I’ll like” instead of “I’d like”, “point” instead of “point out” or “thumbrule” instead of “rule of thumb”. =)
Also, “if you allow” looks shady, I would say “if you’ll allow me” is better.

Alright experts,
I delete my posts. All the best with your Grammar!