Can the verb "build" be used both

Hi teachers,

Can the verb “build” be used both as “actively and passively” like “sit”; I sat a baby on the wall.?

I am not too sure about the passive of ‘sit’. ‘Build’ can be active: They built six new houses in the village or passive: Six new houses were built in the village,


  1. A baby sits on the wall.
  2. I sat a baby on the wall.
    Are these two sentences OK and meaningful?


The president built a palace there. The president had some labours build the palace. Right?

The president had some labourers build the palace.
(The passive sounds a little laboured compared to the active voice, unless there’s a specific reason for it.)


I don’t follow your reference to ‘passive’. This causative construction - Have someone do something is surely ‘active’.