Can landmark denote a township?

Can landmark denote a township??

thanks in advance

Hi pumpkin,

A landmark is normally just a single object that serves as a reference point. Usually there’s something unique, unusual, or conspicuous about it, which makes it stand out or stand apart from other things in the area.

The idea is to give directions or verify location based upon that landmark.

I don’t think you can call an entire town a landmark, because it’s not specific enough or unique enough, and covers way to much territory to be specific enough to use as navigational aid.

If I said “Turn left at Leadville”, that doesn’t help you much, it’s not a landmark as it’s not specific. There’s probably a lot of roads that turn left at Leadville.

But if I say something like ‘Turn left on the dirt road by the old one room schoolhouse’, then I’m citing a landmark (the old one room schoolhouse), something unique enough that should be very obvious.

Also, there are other meanings for ‘township’ besides just ‘town’, and these refer to divisions of land or territory that you could only see on a map. They couldn’t be called landmarks either, since you couldn’t physically see them on the ground.