Can I use the word ain't instead of the 'has not'/'have not'

Hi teachers!!

Can i use the word [size=150]ain’t[/size] instead of the word [color=blue]has not or[color=red] have not??

Ex: I ain’t been to Angkor Wat, since i was born.
She ain’t been accused of killing.

Thanks in advance!!!

“Ain’t” is a very stigmatized word, and it’s best to avoid it all the time.

I am still consisting on asking the same question, can i use the word [color=red]ain’t instead of [color=blue]have not or [color=blue]has not.

Hope to get answer soon!!!

Hi Soklong

In very slang English, I have heard the word “ain’t” used to mean:
am not

When you ask “Can I use the word [color=red]ain’t instead of [color=blue]have not or [color=blue]has not?”, my answer is:
You can do whatever you like. Nobody can stop you from using “ain’t”. But “ain’t” is slang and substandard. And using “ain’t” may simply sound uneducated. You should not use ain’t in standard English.