Can "a charge of molesting" replace "a charge of molestation of"?

A 68-year-old man was sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment on Wednesday (June 19) after pleading guilty to a charge of molestation of a girl under 14 years of age.

Can “a charge of molesting” replace “a charge of molestation of”? Can “eight months in prison” replace “eight months’ imprisonment”?


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Yes, they convey the same meaning.

A 68-year-old man was sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment on Wednesday (June 19) after pleading guilty of molesting a girl under 14 years of age. (To me, this looks better.)

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Thanks, Anglophile.

Just to confirm: Should it be “pleading guilty to” or “pleading guilty of”?

When reporting on legal cases they are usually very careful with their wording. They use precise legal terms. They are also careful not to imply anything that has not been proven.

The original wording sounds correct exactly as worded. The charge would be molestation. The official charge might be the entire “molestation of a girl under 14 years of age”. If that is the official charge, then the wording should not be changed when reporting on the case.

‘Molesting’ is as action not a charge. They are not the same thing. In the legal world, pleading guilty to a charge does not mean they are actually guilty of that crime or any other crime.

To be clear, saying “He is guilty of molesting a girl” means he actually did it. Saying “He plead guilty to a charge” does not mean he really did it. The difference is important.

News reporting is usually very careful with this type of thing. The law has it’s own language and is very precise.

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Each has its own nuance. While agreeing with NN, I understand that ‘guilty to’ is specific and ‘guilty of’ is general.
Here, there may have been other charges or allegations, but the old man admitted only to molesting the girl! :thinking: :thinking:

I can’t grasp or discern what you mean, Marc. Sorry!

Neither can I, I really don’t know who wrote this. I certainly didn’t.

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As someone once said: ‘Why not?’

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