CAE Writing task: review of the exhibition

I was given the task to write a review of the exhibition. The review should catch reader’s interest and contain a range of vocabulary. Please, could you check if I used appropriate style. Does my review need editing or it has a lack of different expressions? Thanks in advance!

Have you ever been to the place where everyone is reading? People of all ages, natonatilies, beliefs and even animals - they are all involved into the process of reading. Are you intrigued? So, it’s an exhibition.
This library exhibition called Everyone is Reading is dedicated to Day of Libraries which is traditionally celebrated on 27 May in Russia. The exposition includes possessions from private collections of several library workers. After the end of the event all the exhibits will be returned to their owners.
The exhibition’s name was chosen not by accident. The library unites everyone who loves reading. The exposition items are different: statues, souvenirs, plates, mugs. And they all have an image of book or present reading in some way.
Here you will see small antique china statues showed different kinds of readers, including animals. They really catch the eye with bright colors and lively created images. Not less amazing souvenirs from all over the world are presented at the exhibition. Every book-lover will be surprised with a variety of items reflected the idea of universal reading.
So, I strongly recommend you to visit Everyone is Reading. You will be, undoubtedly, facinated with its professionally produced exposition and discover absolutely new vision of book culture and reading.

I assume you want the sentence in bold to read as it does. It reflects conversational tendencies, but this would not suit most formal writing. Note that I changed “into” to “in.”

I removed “so” because it feels odd – it doesn’t connect to the previous thought here. “So” means “for that reason.” It is also used in conversation when we discover something. “So that’s what he was talking about.” It can also be used as a placeholder when we change subjects in speech. “So, what were you telling me about the other day?” None of these uses work here.

Is it actually called Day of Libraries? Library Day sounds more natural.

I edited it. I thought it was pretty good. If you get rid of my notes and put the quotes together in order, that is the result.

Thanks a lot! What would you advise me about improving my writing style? I often doubt if one or another expression/sentence sounds natural.

I’ll try to reflect so I can add more tomorrow, but some things come to mind. Watch out for redundancy, and try to organize your thoughts into separate paragraphs. Try to keep like things together.

You pretty much do the last thing, though.