CAE preparation


First I would like to show you my amazement for having found this website. You provide the best learning English stuff I have surfed on the internet. When learning English online, usually one can find only a couple of free grammar or use of English tests, some listening exercises and little more, unless you pay for a course. But here I can practise all the major issues even for an advanced student: wide number of tests (grammar, vocabulary), good listening exercises and reading. I have not checked yet if there is some writing practise. If so, please do send me the link.

All this leads me to this question: Is this material good enough, along with a couple of student’s book I have already purchased, to prepare CAE exam on my own? I am an Spanish guy travelling to Ireland at the end of this month and will take CAE exam in June, and am considering preparing it without attending any special (and expensive) course. Of course I will get in touch with other students so as to practise the speaking part of the exam, but I think that the rest of the CAE exam can be prepared on your own with some help (online) to cover arising doubts.

Best regards,