Bye bye birdie!

Does the phrase ‘Bye bye birdie’ have any particular meaning?
I want to know when or where we can use it.
Thank you in advance.

It’s most well known as the name of a song.
I wouldn’t use it in normal conversation.

Thank you Bees. Have you ever watched any part of the ‘Friends’ serial? I heard this phrase on that serial.

I don’t think there’s an episode of ‘Friends’ I haven’t seen. However, I cannot remember every phrase from every episode, or the contexts in which they were used.

‘Friends’ is really good to improve English skills. I have watched some episodes of ‘Scrubs’ too. have you ever watched any part of ‘Scrubs’? They speak too fast on those serials, and specially on ‘Scrubs’. If there weren’t any subtitles, I couldn’t have made head of most their conversations.

I’ve never watched that. I don’t watch much TV.

The phrase is used in S01E18 of Friends, at the end of the episode. They play Pictionary there, and “Bye-bye birdie” is a phrase Monica tries to picture on a drawing board. So I guess it was just a name of a song really.

Exactly yes Artsus, but there is another use of that phrase in Friends and Chandler says that. I think It’s in S01 too.

I was a big Scrubs fan. I agree that they talked fast and it was often hard to get all the rapid-fire jokes. I actually used to turn the closed captioning (subtitles) on when watching it to help me out.

Hi Luschen, Thank you for your answer. I had complete episodes of Scrubs in my laptop and I wasn’t never gonna remove them from it, but my brother removed them all over and saved Friends instead of Scrubs while I hadn’t completely watched Scrubs yet, so I became upset but I pretended to be cool with it :slight_smile: anyhow, Friends is amazing enough too.

I just started watching Scrubs just to get a taste and there are some gross scenes there, like when a doctor asks a group of interns surrounding him: “the necrosis and infected stool most likely indicate what?”