By versus Until


I would like to know which one of the following sentences seems better to you.

1- Can you wait for me by tomorrow?
2- Can you wait for me until tomorrow?



Your first sentence is incorrect, Tom. The word by can be used to talk about a deadline and means “not later than”:

Please call me with the information by Friday (at the latest).


A lot of thanks, Amy

So, are the following sentences synonymous now?

1- I am free until 6 this evening.
2- I am free by 6 this evening.

I think both sentences suggest that I am not free after 6.

Your opinions please!


Nope. 8) :shock:

The two sentences have opposite meanings. In addition, sentence 1 can be used with either the simple present tense or a future tense; sentence 2 should use the future (unless you want to say “I am free by 6 pm every day”, for example).

1- I am/will be free until 6 this evening. --> I am free now, but after 6 pm I will not be free.

2- I will be free by 6 this evening. --> I am not free now, but at some point during the day, not later than 6 pm, I will be free. I will also be free after 6 pm.