"by the end of" vs "at the end of"


Is there any difference between these phrases?

Thanks a lot.

They are almost the same, the difference is quite subtle, I find it difficult to explain. They are used each in different idiomatic expressions, such as “by the end of the year” and “at the end of the day”.

“At the end of” is usually neutral, and may be used of both time and place; “the house is located at the end of the road”.
“By the end of” is rarely used of place, rather of time only. I should think it is used when the focus lies on the fact that a certain period of time has passed before this end. Such as: “you must hand in your paper by the end of May”. It expresses that you have some time to write the paper.

For me at the end is usually understood that something happens at the time of the ending of another thing. by the end is often understood that something could happen at any time as long as it’s not later than a specific point of time.

I agree.

Thanks to both of you