by foot or on foot

Below is the answer to an evergreen (“BY” OR “ON”):
I’ve never met a hard and fast ‘rule’, but my usage agrees with your correction: by or on a…] car/plane/bike but on foot - and ‘on Shanks’s pony’ (an idiom that means “on foot”). However, there are so many more by options that it’s easy, and tempting im many contexts - especially in lists - to say “by foot”. … -foot.html
What prompted me to investigate was:
Traveling by public transport and by foot instead of by cab or tour bus is probably the most aggravating factor.

  • Do you agree it works well only in lists?

To my ear, “by foot” sounds like a mistake in any context (albeit one that might sometimes go unnoticed). In my opinion it should always be “on foot”.

As it turns out, NY journalists are bravely bending the rules again.