businesses have to hire workers for their entire live

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These days, in Korea, the concept of a lifelong workplace is getting vaguer. Many companies want new employees to be easy to handle and try to reduce their expense for older employees. It is desirable to owners, and most people support this idea. As opposed to this idea, I firmly believe that a pertinent job can bring about more benefits to the companies. The rationale reason is that people can work more passionate when they have a sense of stability in the work, and the owner is able to get their higher loyalty to the company as guaranteeing employees’ lives.
The first reason is that owners really want to hire ardent employees for improving their company. In many cases, stable work environment is one of the best policies to lead to their eager. This is because many companies encourage limitless competition of employees, and some of them only can get the opportunities of promotion. In this business environment, people often feel themselves as just tool for benefits of the company, and whenever they fail to improve on results, they feel concerned about their position. Therefore, it makes them to focus other things like finding other jobs or flattering a boss than work hard. For example, my father entered a manufacture company as soon as he graduated college. He wanted to devote his life to the company. But, he gave up his dream just after one year, and he tried to find other jobs. This is why the owner of the cooperation had his mind on only attainments, and he ruthlessly fired employees when workers did not reach on his goal. The owner’s attitudes made my father’s eager to disappear as well. As a result, the pertinent job is the best way to maintain workers’ passionate.
Furthermore, the contract of hiring lifelong gives employees higher loyalty toward the company. Many companies consider their employees as only hired people, not partners who share the destiny of the company. While the employers only prefer workers who get higher results, in employees’ position workers seek only more wages. Therefore as soon as ending this relationship, they abandon other side without except because the relationship of between the company and employees is bound by financial relationship. For instance, I have read an article in a newspaper a few months ago. A person sold the up-to-date technology about the computer memory processor to a rival company because he was under the pressure of retiring due to his age from the company. It made me to commit illegal for raising fund to start a new business. Due to this incident, in the position of company they suffered great losses and in the position of the person he lost both the job and his honor. In this respect, the consideration of company for employees’ lives can prevents bigger loss by workers’ loyalty toward the company.
To sum up, I strongly believe that businesses have to hire workers for their entire live. The underlying of this is that it can make employees more passionate, and companies can prevent bigger loss by workers’ loyalty. Above all, when they form partnership between the company and worker, all of them can expect brighter future.

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