business news

In advance accept mu apology if I choose the wrong way of forum for this question.
It is about the business news and also economic news. I have many problems when I listen to this news. I have a delay to understand them in total. Which is the best way for developing?
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You mean you have trouble keeping up with news anchors because they speak to fast?
I guess you need to listen more to develop the necessary listening skills.

I think another factor may be because business and economics commentators tend to use a specialized vocabulary which uses some words in unique ways and other terms which may be unfamiliar to you: interest, stocks, bonds, stimulus, market, points, commodities, deflation, etc. It might be helpful to read some transcripts of business broadcasts or read business articles so you can look up some of the unfamiliar terms. My favorite economics podcasts/blogs/articles are from Freakonomics ( They tend to explain in simple terms some of the more difficult concepts.