Bringing innovations in youth developing community

Hi everyone! Can you help me to find some materials on this topic: “Bringing innovations in youth developing community”?

TOEFL listening discussions: How is the young woman financing her education?

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Before asking people to help you could at least introduce yourself and use polite words like ‘please’. No one will help you unless they get acquainted with you. )))

And why did you post it in the thread where people share their TOEFL essays???

Move it to ‘What do you want to talk about’

Ah, it has already been moved. Be attentive next time, pleeeeeeeeeeeease! Just click the link.

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Yep, been busy a bit, still guess I’ll be back to the site… Gonna keep an eye on one of my students.

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Hope you are fine, miss the old times when I had lots of adversaries in many threads
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It’s never a bother to hear from a friend, Baghiee!

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