Briefer: Do you normally use the comparative form from brief

Do you normally use the comparative form from brief?

(I’ve already had a look at BNC, Google and my grammar book.)

My question is practical and straight: do you…?

Who is “you”

Not normally.
It is allowed, but I would say “quicker” or “shorter” instead, depending on context.

Native Hiberno English speaker

Hi Tamara,
I’ve never used the word brief in my life.This is the first time I write it down.
I must have used something else for it.

Hi Tamara

I’d say I would not usually use the word briefer. Like Art, I think I’d tend to choose something like shorter instead.

Hi Spence

First time? Really? Was your stay in Canada so brief that no one had time to brief you even briefly on that word? :wink: :lol:


Hi Amy,
How’s it going?
It looks like those four years there still weren’t long enough to force me to use the word brief.
For years of my life in vain, you could say. :slight_smile:
I know it’s terrible but I don’t like that word.
Had I known this word means so much to you, I would’ve tried to like it harder I swear.
Listen up now:
For our frienship’s sake I’ll say it aloud three times compensating those 31 miserable years of my life. :slight_smile:
Damn, you’re right, I feel like another man!
Thanks Amy BRIEF, I’m a free man BRIEF from now on BRIEF nothing can stop BRIEF me,
My English is much briefer than it briefed before, don’t you brief so?
Good brief,



Thanks a lot for your feedback.
My question was raised by the reaction of a quite young native English speaker who has just recently rejected both my attempts - briefer and more brief :slight_smile:
To my surprise.

spencer :slight_smile:
With that magic word your writing is getting brie… er… better - right beneath our eyes :slight_smile:
Briefly speaking.

Hi Briefcer

I do enjoy your posts immensely. I especially like them when they’re not brief. :smiley:

By the way, there are other meanings for brief. In the plural form, it’s something men might wear under their jeans or trousers. 8)

Also, lawyers create things called briefs — but I doubt that those briefs can be worn. :lol:

Hi Tamara

You know, since coming to Germany, I’ve acquired even more experience with the word brief because Brief is the German word for letter. Oddly enough, many German letters are anything but brief. :lol:

That’s the otherone!
I knew you’d come up with something again!
I didn’t even know about this word!
The whole thing makes sence now.
Watch this:
“Hi, my name is Brief, and this is my friend Immensely!”
I can USE them already in ONE sentence.
Amy, can’t you see what you’re doing to me?
Noone ever taught me two words in their lifetime!
Please stop it, you have no clue how big price I have to pay for this amount of knowledge taking up my braincells.
Who knows?
Thank God I’m still breathing, and so far I still can see,
looks like my surviving system didn’t give up yet.
I have to try to stand up now.
Take it easy guys, I think I can make it.
I’m so good at it, I could do it FOREVER!
I hope I still remember of that walking thing.
BRIEF IMMENSELY no WALKING one foot in front of the other foot see you guys