Wearily Brian Thomas rolled out of bed and prepared for yet another boringly long day at the office. He heaved a heavy sigh as he thought of the many years of this routine that awaited him. If only he had been born rich … ah well, no point daydreaming about that, he hadn’t been born rich and there it was … nine till five working was his destiny.
It was as he was shaving that he realised how old he was beginning to look. His hair was tinged with grey and his eyes were a little puffy. Maybe it was time he started seriously thinking about settling down with someone and starting to raise a family. The very thought made him shudder. The last thing he wanted was to begin ageing, but unfortunately it was inevitable, wasn’t it?
He shrugged off his gloom and quickly dressed and set off for the office. It was only a fifteen minute walk to his place of employment, and glancing at his watch he figured he had time fora quick coffee before getting there. He walked briskly across the road, but unfortunately, not quickly enough. The speeding taxi had no chance to avoid him and it hit him full on! He flew backward through the air and landed on his back hitting his head a resounding smack on the tarmac road. He felt such a fool laying there in the road with people all stood around looking aghast at him. He scrambled to his feet as quickly as he could and brushed himself down with his hands. No damage, thank God for that!. He headed back to his apartment. He felt a little queasy and thought it was better that he returned home rather than going to work. He entered his apartment and decided to lie on the bed for a while to recover his senses. He lay back and closed his eyes. It was some time later when he awoke. Well, the sleep had made him feel a lot better. He rolled off the bed and realised just have ravenously hungry he felt. Looking at his watch he was surprised to note that several hours had passed … no wonder he felt hungry, he had had nothing to eat all day.
He set off to find a cafe where he might find something to eat.
He suddenly realised he was retracing the route he had taken earlier today, and he was surprised to see bouquets of flowers on the pavement. He suddenly became aware that people were walking past him without seemingly noting his presence there. Then it struck him just why those flowers were there. He opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out. He wanted to cry, but no tears came. He wanted to run away, but where to? Where do ghosts run to when they are afraid?


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