"break the news" -- natural way to say the phrase


I have a question on the phrase “break the news.” It means “tell bad news”, so I think there is no need to use “bad” here.
Does this sentence sound natural? Or, should I omit “to me” because it’s obvious? Or, do you happen to have any other options?

The doctor broke the news to me I had a breast cancer.

Thank you in advance,


Yes, i agree, “break” is only used with bad news. Good news would be “share the news”. I like the “to me” in your sentence - I mean maybe he was breaking the news to your family.


But, Luschen, when the TV channels use the phrase ‘Breaking News’, they mean any kind of news which is latest and important!


Yes, you are correct. My characterization really only works in the specific idiom “break the news”.


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