Break the fast


There are two ways you can break your fast–one when you start eating on the right time and there is no violation of the fast, and the other when you disregard your fast, sometimes out of fatigue and sometimes for no reason, and start/ drinking eating any time.

[color=red]My quesion is that do we use the word break in both situations?


PS: Is the red sentence grammatically correct? Any comma required after that?

There is another: when you take your breakfast. :slight_smile:

Yes, Tom, we would use the term “break” in both situations. However, as you’ve indicated, we can also use the verb “violate” instead of “break” in order to indicate that someone has violated his fast illegitimately.

So, for example, Catholics are supposed to fast for an hour before they receive communion. Sometimes some person will approach the communion rail chewing gum. The priest will refuse to administer communion to the person, saying either that she has “broken” her fast or “violated” her fast.

P.S. The red sentence is ungrammatical. It should read, “My question is whether we use the word ‘break’ in both situations,” or, “My question is, Do we use the word ‘break’ in both situations?”