Brainstorming on minute taking?

Hi, could we do some kind of brainstorming to come up with phrases you can use when you take the minutes of the meeting? For example:

  • he pointed out that…
  • she mentioned that…
  • she expressed concerns about…
  • we came to the conclustion that…
  • she stated that…
  • she stressed that…
  • she explained that…

OK; those expressions can be used in other contexts too of course. What additional vocabulary do think is useful when it comes to taking down the minutes or creating summaries?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Torsten,

In addition to:

What about:

added that
realised that
concurred that
accepted that
believed that
was convinced that
assured everyone that
supported the argument that
objected to the comment that
commented on the fact that
refused to accept that
criticized the attitude towards
was convinced that
was persuaded that
denounced the theory that
thought that
suggested that
recommended that
hesitated to doubt that
doubted that
hated the idea that


Yes Rita,

You can use those phrases too if you add an object to ‘reminded’ (she reminded us about something).


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Yes Rita, for example you can say He proposed that we prepare a new product brochure/we organize another roadshow…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Rita
Yes, “proposed” is also possible.

One thing to keep in mind:
Not all of the verbs have to be followed by “that”

For example, the verbs thought, suggested, proposed, recommended could also be followed by the -ing form of a verb.

Hi Alan

“Hesitated to doubt that” sounds odd to me. Is that a common expression in Britain?


Dear Alan

What is the meaning of Hesitate to doubt ?


Hi Tom,

It’s a bit obscure I agree but it means he was reluctant to doubt what had been said. The actual speech would have been perhaps: Well, I’m not sure about this - I don’t know how to put it but I doubt that …