Brainstorming new topics and contents for workshops


Let’s brainstorm some ideas for topics and questions that could be addressed and answered in a workshop. Since I’m primarily working with clients and students in Germany I will also create a German and maybe even a Russian version so we can market the list to German companies and organisations. Below are some of my ideas and I will add more on a regular basis. It would be great if you could give me some feedback on them or even suggest and post your own:

  • What industries is China leading today and will be leading by 2025 and what impact will this development have on our economies and societies?
  • How do I overcome informational silos created by the company or organisation I work for?
  • Which technologies will have the greatest impact on our jobs and the way we work within the next 4 years?
  • How does a traditional hierarchy function and what impact do new technologies, especially social media have on hierarchies?
  • What impact does climate change have on our economy and society?
  • How does the transformation from combustion engines to electric vehicles influence our way of living?
  • Why are more and more cities trying to reduce the number of cars?
  • How to avoid bullshit jobs and find new forms of meaningful and sustainable employment?

oh, btw, have you known that even the process in fuel cells are considered a so called “cold combustion”?


I think of Google or Amazon when it comes to influencing our future. It seems that our future stand or fall with them. Have you guys heard about Wirecard?


I learned about Wirecard through the news. As far as I understand it’s a German tech company that specializes in mobile payment solutions and has contracts with Alibaba, Mastercard, Visa, etc. According to Wikipedia it generates billions of dollars in revenue and is listed on the German stock exchange.

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