Brain storming: What extent is your society effectively dealing with crime?

questions : to what extent is your society effectively dealing with crime?

at first, i had no idea to write or start on this topic, however, i had brainstormed for some thing, so could you help me verify it?

i do not know whether it is like asking for help, but if it does like asking for help, please help me to close the topic, thanks


  • Crime is getting worse in country.
    -People are afraid to getting out from streets at nights.
  • have no secure of their property
    -authorities tried to reduce the crime rate
    -is it effective enough?

-several acts and regulations are introduced and implemented,
such as, increasing the patrol times of police, increase the wage in order to draw more people to be police
-the punishment are strengthened, e.g : for snatching, punishments are a stroke or jail for few months or maybe both
-urge public to be more aware of their surroundings and have no hesitate to call the police if their see any suspicious event, for female, never go out to the street alone in the dark, as well as bringing along a pepper spray
having parents to educate their children and try to prevent them from making any juvenile delinquency

even though, country is trying her best to fight crimes, however, the effects are not obvious at the initial stage, more and more efforts needed to curb the crimes

thats all for my brainstorms, so any ideas or alterations?

Danny Teo