Bluetooth vs. blackberry?

Hi Alan, thank you for making my day! I read your newsletter In Touch in which I learned that Bluetooth was named after that Danish King Harold Bluetooth. You must know that I have some very clever friends or they think they are clever. One of them pretends to know everything and last weekend we were sitting at a party and we started to talk about mobile phones and so on. As usual that guy wanted to impress the girl with all his ramblings about technologies and I asked him why bluetooth was called bluetooth. Everyone turned to me and then to him waiting for his response. Ha, he started squirming and then admitted he didn’t know. But I did! :wink: (Yes I admit I’m spiteful [or is it gleeful or ‘mischievous’?]).
Maybe in your next newsletter you can include a short story about the blackberry technology - I mean blackberry and bluetooth should go together some way or the other. Another thing I learned from your newsletter is that in English for some strange reason Hanover is spelled with one ‘n’ only. Why is that?
Anyway, thanks again and I’m looking forward to the April issue of your newsletter.


Hi Frank, have you found out anything about the origin of the brand name ‘Blackberry’? As far as I know, it actually refers to black berries because someone suggested that the keys on the keypads of the Blackberry devices looked a bit like seeds. That’s how they came up with the word ‘blackberry’.

As for why Hanover is spelled with only one ‘n’, I guess it’s because shorter and maybe even easier to pronounce?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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