Hi everybody. I don’t have a precise purpose that’s why I will talk to a very funny problem that I had with my usb stick. I bought it from Switzerland from La Chaux-de-Fonds. This stick had from the beginning some problem. I made it bootable because nobody is using anymore dvd or cd disks. During the Post(poweronselftest) the computer hang. On the other computers it was working just impeccable.I gave it to a friend of mine and he returned to me but the stick can not be formatted anymore. I tried everything (different partition managers,bootable multifunctional disk and so on). I tried also SDFormatter. The stick seems to be out of order (malfunction). I asked the producer but he told me to bring it back in the shop. For me it is impossible because I am living in Bulgaria. I was thinking that the producer will send me some kind of firmware utility software but i was wrong. I also proposed them to connect to my computer through Teamviewer.They were not interested. Now I have I piece of well looking hardware which does not working.The producer is Disk2go. No comment. They don’t have retails in my country. That is all I can speak about. I know that is not interesting but better than nothing.