Bitter or Better?

Different people react to adversities in different ways. Do adversities make you bitter or better? How do you react to them?

Adversities are part of our life.Somewhere along the line,you might fail to do something,but that doesn’t mean to give up and moaning at lenght about your failure.Just stand up and move on…As to me,I try to take the bitter news as slightly as I can.They neither make me feel bitter nor better.It’s just…somewhere in the middle xaxaa :slight_smile: .

If I can do something about the adversity, then I do it immediately, no matter the cost.

If I can do little about it, then like my friend PTSC, I just move on. Life is too short to fight things that you cannot change.


Adversities also can be the lessons we gain success from. I mean, every obstacle we overcome does help us with improving our skills.

Anyway, a bit moaning every now and then also might be helpful when an obstacle seems to large. Moaning might be heard by someone else who perhaps knows a simple solution for our problem and thus , too, might be helpful. We are not single persons only but belong to a community where a helpful hand can solve some problems. That holds true when one oneself come to be in need but also when others need ones help.

The worst thing is to act like an ostrich, sticking the head into the sand hoping that after pushing it out after a while the misery has come to an end.


In my opinion, the responses of this question is variable. Because you can get over some adversities in your life by forgetting or dealing with it. In other words, people are like glasess but all of them have a hole at the end of the glass and adversities are like water. As you know, water flows continuous in the glasses. Thus, Amount of water in the glass have started to increase day by day when adversities occur. each of bad events in our life is like a different water source that flows in the glass and while some sources’ flow strength and others’ are norrow sources. So, If you have a big hole bottom of the your glass, you can get over all adversities easily. But sometimes, source can be very stronger and you cannot endure it.

and sometimes water can flood.