Bird fall / drop from the sky?

two questions I’m uncertain about:

  • The bird fell from the sky.*
  • The bird dropped from the sky.*

What’s the difference between the two sentences above?

  • We saw the apple fall / falling off / from the tree.*

What’s the right way to write the above sentence and why?

Would anybody have any answers?


Hello Viviana,

There is no difference in meaning between your two first sentences as ‘fall’ and ‘drop’ are synonyms.

There is no significant difference in your last sentence either, however,

  • We saw the apple fall from the tree = you see the apple fall from when it breaks off until it hits the ground.
  • We saw the apple falling from the tree = you merely caught a fleeting glimpse of the apple falling from the tree, so only for a very short time.

I hope I may been of some help to you.


Thank you very much for your reply!
I think you’re absolutely right in your explanation on ‘fall’ - ‘falling’. I realised I was just forgetting. I get these misfires …. :crazy_face:

Now about ‘from the tree’ - ‘off the tree’:
I know apples usually fall from the tree. But sometimes fall off the tree too. Then leaves only fall off the tree… I don’t know the exact difference there…

Then about drop and fall:
maybe both of the above sentences are right but maybe there’s a slight difference.
I’m looking for hues of meaning I guess.
Maybe too much for someone but important to me…
In any case, as far as I know fall and drop are not synonyms. Maybe you should look into that again.

Thanks again though! :smile:


Hi Viviana,

Drop and fall are synonyms but perhaps you might not see it that way in the context of your sentence.

I would use: ‘A bird fell from the sky, bleeding to death’ or ‘A bird dropped dead from the sky’. Then there is a difference. My first sentence actually means that the bird is dying while falling from the sky, my second that the bird is already dead when it hits the ground.