Bionade from the Land of Ideas?

Let’s talk about innovation and new ideas for a while - does sound tantalizing do you? I mean, I feel obliged to bring this topic up, after all I’m a citizen of the Land of Ideas. By now I should have caught your full attention and if not, let me quickly add that if you google the phrase land of ideas you will see what I mean. The whole campaign reminds of my teenage days when the state organized ideology-driven mass events but then again this might be a completely different story.

Just give me a minute and I’ll come the point. Yesterday I was browsing the local supermarket and came across a new beverage - at least it was new to me. You know the soft drink market is almost monopolized by global players like Coca Cola and Pepsi. But this drink is different, it’s a local brand called Bionade a brand obviously made up of two words - biological and lemonade. The name itself is a good idea, isn’t it? And so is the drink.

All its ingredients are organic, no chemical substances added. And you know what, it’s pretty tasty too. I tried the Elderberry flavour and must admit this wasn’t my last Bionade.

What does this all have to do with Well, Bionade is a German based company founded in 1995 and we just want to help spread the word about this enterprise. Success in business is all about communication and why not practice our skills promoting this new brand beyond the borders of Germany?

There are a whole lot of aspects to this topic and before I keep on rambling, I’d rather listen to your ideas. Are there any?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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This sounds a great slogan, mantra, expression or whatever you like to call it. I’m no great fan of football and I have to confess I didn’t know that Germany was the host country for the World Cup. My younger son would be really ashamed of me for that as he’s been a fooball fan since he was knee high to a grasshopper. But if Germany is promoting itself as the Land of Ideas, then best of luck. The title conjures up wonderful images and possibilities. After all if you ain’t go no ideas, what’s life all about?


I like that!! It’s the best idiom I’ve heard for a long time. I only knew the phrase ‘knee high’. Looking on Google, I found these: knee high to a tube of toothpaste, to a knee, to a river rat, to a pidgeon, to a tall giraffe, to a stack of Sunday papers, to a 5 1/4-inch disk drive, to a worm, to a bag of cheetos, to a high hat…

The French expression ‘as tall as three apples’ is also a good analogy, I find.

Hi Torsten!

What is your intention? Are you connected to Bionade?

Maybe that it is a fascinating idea.


Hi Michael,

My intention was to try and make a connection between the Land of Ideas campaign and the Bionade brand. You see, Bionade is the result of good ideas and action, it’s something tangible, something I can directly relate to as I like soft drinks that taste good and don’t contain chemicals.
The Land of Ideas campaign is the results of ideas too, However, I think we need more ideas of the Bionade kind and less hype of the Land of Ideas type.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten!

Sorry, I always can?t get your intention still although I understand your thoughts and agree with you when you say that we need ideas of the Bionade kind. You know that I called the `land if ideas? a propaganda at first. Now regarding this topic i have thought through my first impression and I am used to say it is not as self-honoring only as I first perceived.

Taking a look to my experiences on the job I found out that it are not the great findings only which we German are well known for. It are also the small changings -or were it better to say updates- which have been found, constructed and manufactured or implemented by German proficiences. I am able to talk about production machines mainly but this is for example one of the tops at the website ?land of ideas?. Of course, we German are not alone with our capabilities of finding but it is one of our greatest goods and in this sense we must keep it in a developing process. Though we German are also used to develop new ideas. I write about developing new ideas intentionally. I think an idea doesn?t come across like a thunder, it is more the result of the sum of proficiences. So if we want to keep our state as a ?land of ideas?we don?t may forget to gather proficiences.

But back to the theme of the topic. Is it your intention to develop new ideas?


Hi Michael, of course the Germans have been developing a lot of innovations and so have other nations. I started this topic to raise awareness for such issues like the influence of the media on how people form their opinions. I also wanted to know people from other countries perceive this Land of Ideas campaign.

As Alan said, it should go without saying that any country is populated by people with ideas. Now Germany officially claims to the Land of Ideas and the vast majority of all Germans don’t even know this campaign exists. Great idea, isn’t it?

Imagine the government of another country would launch a similar campaign. Let’s say the Dutch would call their country the Land of Thoughts or the Land of Concepts of the Land of Brains. How would you react if you then asked a Dutchm person about this campaign and they told you they had never heard of it?

So my question is can we come up with a different way of generating and promoting new ideas? Bionade is just an example of how new ideas can be developed and turned into tangible results. There are many more such innovations and my goal is to find and support them together with you. To that end we could run a project: everyone introduces a new company or product here on the forum. We could collect case studies from all over the world and talk about them here. What do you think of this?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten!

Ah, now I know! Just an island!

First of all, in my reminiscense the Netherlands is the ?Land of tulips, channels, cheese, coffee shops and very well soccer players. I?d like to know a bit more about their thoughts. I do not much although they are door to door neighbours particularly to the Green M?nsterland. 8)

And yes, I think it is at least not a bad idea to create the campaign ?Land of ideas`. I only wonder, why there are atmost advices to long ago great findings and good ideas? :?

For example: A few month ago I watched a TV-report in which the speak had been about a new kind of torpedos. You wonder why I mention this? It is easy! While ?torpedos? could achieve speeds about 40, 50 or 60 knots until now -because the resistance of water would build up too big friction so that the torpedos exploded by a faster speed- a German company developed a special tip and a film that optimizes the surface for it and the torpedos are able to achieve speeds about 500 Knots now. The drive wasn?t a problem ever. Wondering who needed such a ?torpedo?an other idea came up to me: In the air it isn?t very difficult to achieve speeds above a few thousands of miles because the friction of resistance is not as high as it is in the water. But having a look to our Mars mission and the space shuttles full of rape-seed-oil there is one problem when the shuttle will reenter the atmosphere. Reentering the atmosphere the shuttles are exposed a very high resistance of friction. Until now the shuttles are disguised with ceramic plates at its fronts. An expensive and not really sure way as we could learn. Perhaps the idea of the German company might be used for a more sure and less expensive ensurance for the reentry? 8)

Yes I think it is a good idea to create this topic.

Liked hearing your thoughts!


Hi Torsten, it?s me again. You opened a very interesting topic here. Unfortunately there are only few replies until now although this topic have had relative much views. As you mentioned in an other topic Germans are the seventh most viewers at your website only. As you also mentioned here you liked to hear about ideas from all over the world. Me too! As it had been your idea may I suggest you now to create a new topic might be titled “World of Ideas”? Perhaps users from other countries would feel more requested to share ideas from their countries to us?