Binding contract

Hello everybody :smiley:

What is the correct answer?

[color=blue]… a binding contract last year and it is still valid.

a/ We have signed
b/ We signed
c/ We haven’t signed
We have sign

Please tell me why it is the correct answer


What do YOU think is the correct answer?



I think answer [color=blue]b/ We signed is correct but my teacher said answer [color=blue]a/ We have singed is correct

So what do you think?
Jupiter, a Cambodian novice


I would say We signed also.



My teacher said (a/ we have signed) is the correct answer because the sentence relates to the present (it is still valid) so we have to use the present perfect (have signed) BUT I think (b/ we signed) is correct because we can’t use present perfect with past time expreesion (last year).

What is your explanation? I need your reason why b/ We signed is correct to refute my teacher

I’m waiting for your help

Hi jupiter,

If you link a past time (adverb) to a past tense, the tense will usually be in the Past Simple form. In your sentence the past time is last year and answers the question: When did you sign the contract?