Big hello from Lezghistan!

Hi everybody!
I am Shamil.
I come from Lezghistan.
You know what?
This forum really something!!! :smiley:
I have some problems with my english, so I wanna to improve my english.
But the main reason, why I am here, is that I have no english speaking friends. I wanna make friends. :roll:


Hi Shamil,

Thanks for joining our forum. Where exactly is Lezhistan? Is it a region in Azerbaijan? What is your native language? I’m glad you find our forum useful and I look forward to speaking to you soon.


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Hello Shamil!

I am Lara. I come from the US, and I think it is very interesting to meet people from many places! What do you do for fun in Lezghistan?

Hi, Torsten.
Actually there is no such country as Lezghistan on map. Lezghistan it’s land where my folk, I mean Lezghinians, live. Torsten, you are absollutely right. Some part of Lezghistan is in Azerbaijan, but another part in Russia. Lands of my folk in Azerbaijan called South Lezghistan, but lands in Russia - North Lezghistan.

And there is border over my folk. You know it’s very awfull, because most of my folk have relatives or friends in both parts of Lezghistan. And it took a lot of time to pass border. Of course, it take not only time, but also money. You should give bribe to border guards and customs to pass border without problems.

What about my native language, it’s Lezghinian language. It’s one of the Caucasian languages.

Hello, Lara!

Yeah, it’s really very interesting and exciting to meet a lot of people from different places.

What we do for fun in Lezghistan?

You know, we are dancing a lot. We have our own dance called lezghinka.
Our dance is very beautiful and emotional. Soon I’ll give you a link to a video with our dance.

Hey, Guys!!!

Here is a few links to videos with our national dance called Lezginka:

I’ll be glad to know do you think about our dance.