Between and among

I would like to know the difference between ‘between’ and ‘among’.

This is fine but the question is, is it correct to say –

I would like to know the difference between those three statements.

I would like to know the difference between those statements. Is OK.

I moved among / through the crowd.

They shared it amongst themselves

Hi Kitosdad,

It’s usually taught that between should be used for two objects and among if it’s more than two.

In that context, can I make three statements and say, “What is the difference between these statements?” Or should I say, “What is the difference among these statements?”

Daemon99, it is indeed a tricky question. That is the reason I altered the text a little.

Perhaps it would be better for Alan or another teacher to reply. I am not a teacher, merely a native-speaker.

I was taught that between is used with 2 countable nouns. However, in fact, especially in verbal comunications I’ve heard people use between with more than 2 countable nouns.

We’ll keep a faith between us.

Among/amongst is for more than 2 countable nouns OR uncountable nouns.

For example: She is outstanding among them/amongst the crowd.
An ecstasy which moves her like the clouds among the sky.

Is that correct? Could anyone shed some light by the way?