Best way to learn a new language?

I have a poster presentation on this question.

In your opinion,What is the best way to learn a new language?In a calss,or self study?or combination of both?or one to one tutoring?

Please send me your opions


hello nizia,

When I read your message I ask my dad what’s
the best way of learning a new language. My dad studied different
languages,"German,Italian and English too. "
His favorite language is the Italian language, to learn it
he first enrolled in an Italian Language School abroad
but he also told me that learning is useless
if we are not going to help ourselves to learn.
Self study also is one of the best way to learn.

me too, I wanted to go abroad to study the German language
in a German Language School to really learn it.
by now, my dad teach me
the basic of some other languages.

hope it helps you naiza,


The best way to learn a foreign language is to have a great wish. You can learn it both at school or you can have private lessons. The most important thing in learning a foreign language is to look for an atmosphere to use the knowledge you get… Practice makes perfect…

Which is the best way depends on the learner’s skills and what sorts of materials he uses.

There are some people whose brains are stubborn, and they can’t teach a language to themselves, so they need at teacher to correct them.

There are other people who have flexible minds and are very good at recognizing their own mistakes. Those people may or may not need a teacher, if they have good materials to learn from.

If someone is very fast at learning languages, taking a course can have a negative effect, because they have to sit in class and wait for the other people to catch up.

First of all you would need to have some motivation to study, if you like that language and these folks whose use it than you could be able to have a boost every new lesson, regarding place and way which you have choosen for studing.
I don’t respect native English too much and specially English culture circle ,there are for me kind of barbarians, I can’t understand how Americans could reach the moon?
And I am afraid to use anything build in UK, could be danger for live so low quality.
I hope it is just my bad experience but untill now … well.


There’s no single way for anyone to learn a language. We are all different and all need different ways.

I will recommend you to learn a new language from a self study as like German language is not very hard the difficulty is with things like German Grammar and Vocabulary. You can have the self study material from and you will see that it is not a hard language.

Honestly the best way to learn is by going to the country and immersing yourself in the language. When your in that country you’re surrounded by the language, signs, tv, transport etc. It’s amazing what you can pick up just by looking out the window of a bus. If that’s not an option then taking a course is good for getting help and explanations but a few hours in a classroom is not enough repetition or practise to make lots of progress. What really helps you make huge progress is what you do outside the classroom, by watching tv, films etc in that language, reading books, absorbing lots of language and making sure that you are being exposed to the language as often as possible. I learnt French from Elementary school and I have a degree in French, but in the last 4 years I have rarely spoken a word of French and I have started to forget lots of words as I am not practising it. Hope that helps and good luck!