Best exercise to learn English?


Hello learners,

Many people want to speak fluent English. The language can be difficult to learn. We have to remember the grammar rules, words and much more. What is your best exercise to learn English? Books, movies, exchange partners, apps, games…?

Philip Rossen


I think it’s a mix of a lot of activities with constant input being most important I guess.


I like the tests and exercises on
And different apps such as Duolingo.


Best exercise to learn English is TOEIC LISTENING Exercises, there we can improve our speaking, writing (by way of giving feed back) and reading. I have practiced TOEIC listening exercises several times with my Guru Sir Torsten who had advised me to practice when I joined, because of that I find myself that my English has improved and so many people have told me that my English is good. My best choice and opinion is TOEIC LISTENING Exercises.

Thank you