Nina values being active and productive.

Please help me with the meaning of this sentence. And explain why the verb “being” used here?
Thanks in advance!

I think you may be misparsing it. The verb is “values”. “Nina” is the subject, and the object is “being active and productive”.

Dear Dozy!
Can you please explain more clearly! if possible, please rewrite the sentence so that it is easier to understand!

“Nina” is a person
“values” means appreciates and enjoys
“being active and productive” means the state of doing a lot and producing worthwhile things

The sentence would often be understood to mean that Nina has these qualities herself (i.e. she does a lot and produces worthwhile things, and values that fact). It’s also possible, however, that she is referring to another person, or people in general. Only the context would tell.

Nina values being active and productive.

And explain why the verb “being” used here?

(1) I agree with you that it is very confusing.

(2) I think that “being” in this sentence is a gerund.

(3) Look at these other examples of gerunds:

(a) Nina loves eating ice cream.

(b) Nina hates getting up early.

© Nina likes being active and productive.

With your obvious explanations, I now fully understand the meaning of the sentence.
Thank you all!!!

Thank you for your kind note.