Being polite

Oh my goodness, Alan! I don’t think Torsten, master of positive thinking, will agree with this sort of thinking. :lol:

On the other hand, maybe those members of the younger generation were actually thinking
Sorry ([size=75]not to have realized sooner that I should stay out of your way[/size]).” :wink:

By the way, what age range would qualify as “the younger generation”? :lol:



Why is Alan’s text missing?

Hi, we are going to restore Alan’s original post. As Alan put it ‘In trying to save it, I’m afraid I lost it.’ This has happened to me a couple of times with my own messages and then I would turn to Mr. Gromov who is keeping a backup version of our forum data base. With a little luck Slava will bring this message of Alan’s too.

Let’s see what Mr. Gromov has to say on this tomorrow…[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture by a professor of Art[YSaerTTEW443543]

Dear Torsten, Yankee, Englishuser and Alan,

The topic “being polite” has been restored.


Hi Slava,

You’re brilliant as usual. What would we do without you?

My best wishes to you and your family.


Many thanks Alan!!!

Hi Alan

I sure hope the deletion wasn’t my doing somehow. I don’t think I’ve got a delete button in this forum, do I? Sorry if it was me who created all the trouble.

Hi Slava,

You do appear to be quite a genius! I can’t imagine having to work the miracle you’ve just worked. Wow!


Hello Amy,

I think it’s who and the other forum contributors who are working the miracels. We have to keep a backup version of our forum data base because there are enough hackers out there who want to play funny games with us.

Amy, as a Moderator you do have a delete button. It’s the small x icon next to the ‘quote’ and ‘edit’ buttons.
Restoring a forum message takes me about 5 minutes since the backup data base is constantly running the background. (backup + background)

Keep up the great work and let’s hope the weather cools down a little…

Hi Slava

I’ve seen that delete button in the two forums where I’m listed as a moderator, but don’t see one in this forum. But, no matter. It’s just great that Alan’s story could be saved. :lol: