Being bottled up is much like watching grass grow

Being bottled up is much like watching grass grow.

What’s that mean?


Hard to say without context. It might mean that if a person has to stay put indoors and cannot leave, time drags slowly and this person is wery bored.
More context would not be superfluous.
Where did you find this statement? What sentences were before and after it?

Dear friend, be wary of “very” :wink:

Also, we may need an article here –

Being bottled up is much like watching the grass grow.

We were playing a online game, and the game was slowly going to its end, and I was winning, so he decided to resign, and that phrase was his motivation to give up.

Hi Gray

No, an article is not necessary there. Without “the” the reference is very general, i.e. any grass anywhere, all grass in general. With “the”, the reference seems more specific – e.g. maybe you’re thinking specifically of the grass in the yard outside your house. I personally like it better without “the” because a very general statement about grass in general seems more appropriate here. I’d also say this idiom is generally used without the word “the”.

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I will.

So, to return in topic, what do you think my opponent meant?

What did he/she wrote before and after this sentence? What were the circumstances? Can you provide more clues?

Although, I am not a very good psychic and cannot conjure a meaning out of the thin air, I can give you this:

be like watching grass grow - be as interesting as watching grass grow

if you say that watching an activity is like watching grass grow, you mean that it is very boring
To watch somebody fly-fishing is like watching grass grow.

(from Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms)

OK so probably he meant that he had nothing to do to win so keep on playing the game would have been just a bore