Begin a sentence with adjectives?

Can I begin a sentence with adjectives? Could anyone explain and give some examples?

Here is one of my example. Is it correct?

“Critical and fundamental to children’s development is parents’ behaviors.”

It’s not a great sentence, as there are more natural ways of putting it, but that aspect of it is not incorrect (though it should be ‘is… behaviour’ or ‘are… behaviours’).

Could you show me a full sentence with more natural ways? Thank you Beeesneees.

I meant that there are more natural ways to write your example sentence than by beginning it with adjectives.
For example:
Parental behaviour is critical and fundamental to a child’s development.

I suspect that’s not what you want though, and are asking me for a natural example of a sentence which starts with adjectives.
There is no rule to say a sentence cannot begin with an adjective, as can be demonstrated in a much simpler sentence:
Lonely, old people in our society are possibly vulnerable and may need support with day to day living arrangements.

Hi Lemin,

I imagine that you want an example of a sentence beginning with an adjective or adjectives in isolation rather than coupled with a noun. The point of using this arrangement is to emphasise or highlight the adjective(s). Here is an example:

Dangerous and arduous it may be but people still attempt to climb Everest.

I am going to take IELTS exam, and I think of some sentence structure that could increase my writing score. Do you guys think that if I begin sentence with adjective like Alan said, I will impress examiner and increase score?

Remember that the example I have given is very much a literary/written one and would not usually be used in ordinary conversation.