Before the sidewalk

D.I= Driving Instructor

D.I: Now put your right directional signal on, we’re going to make a right turn here.

Driver: OK.

D.I: We want to check our mirror as we slow to stop.

Driver: Right.

D.I: A nice and full stop.

Driver: Aha.

D.I: OK, then you scan left, straight, right, clear; we could proceed.

Driver: OK.

D.I: OK. Now, that stop. I just want to point out that really we should have stopped just before the sidewalk.

1-What does “that stop” mean?

Does it mean “about that stop”?

2-Why “the sidewalk”?

Does it mean “crosswalk”?

Thank you


Yes, about the way you came to a stop back there.
BTW, I think she says “at that stop”, not that it makes any difference.

I think she means the point where the sidewalk meets the street. If there is a crosswalk, this is where it would be.


Thank you so much, Arinker :rose:

Very nice explanation.

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