before resigning/before he resigned

Are these sentences correct:

[color=red]1-He talked to me before resigning and I persuaded him not to.
[color=indigo]2-He talked to me before he resigned and I persuaded him not to.

[color=red]3-He was arrested before leaving the house.
[color=indigo]4-He was arrested before he left the house.


All of them are fine grammatically. There could possibly be a problem in the meaning of of 1 and 2. ‘Not to’ might refer to either ‘talked’ or ‘resigned’.

Thank you very much Alan,

So sentences 1 and 2 could be used if I persuaded him not to resign and he never did?
And sentences 3 and 4 could be used if he did not leave the house?


He was arrested before his leaving the house in time.(Before here, Preposition)

He was arrested before he had left the house. (Before here, Con.)

‘…before leaving the house in time’ does not make sense. Please stop confusing other members.

I indicated, “before his leaving —” not "before leaving— "as we used to hear this expression on TV news about criminal/s.

Sorry, I am not making anybody to confuse with intentional ways as you do here, If needed, I can make a fewer examples.

—and so on—numerous.

Again, sorry!

It is the ‘in time’ part of the phrase that does not make sense.

On time is more specific than in time,

Despite the bad weather, our plane left on time.

We arrived at the airport in time today.

I don’t see any severe grammatical as well as stylistic problems at my previous post…

Both ‘in time’ and ‘on time’ are incorrect in the sentence you wrote.

You may not see the errors but others do.

You are not a cleaver but cunning!

Both sentences I just quoted from the one of popular TOEFL Suggestion books.
Both are correct.

As you are too hot brain that is why now a days you are omitted many other quoted correct sentences which you are saying wrong that we have been watching since few days!

Interesting indeed.

Sorry indeed.

But, forget, nothing happened.

This is not correct:
He was arrested before his leaving the house in time.

As for the rest, so much of it is not English that I can’t follow it.

Which one is English Bev?

Only writing by you, it is English! --As you are seating on the driver’s seat here.

Beating about the bush. When you do wrong why don’t you make confess? where is the trouble of you?

I do wrong occasionally, I believe, and nowadays it seems more as our power is coming and going without any notice. IPS does not work.

Definitely your English is better than I,(though my other native colleagues don’t accept
better yours!), but your teaching style is the worst and unacceptable! Sorry.