"been" confused me guyes !!!

Hi ! every body

When did I use “been” and when did I not use it ?

For example : I have been written
and I have written

also what about when I can say “been” and when I can say “being”

I’m realy confused !!!

Your first sentence is wrong in grammatical. You should say; I have been writing for 3 hours…(present perfect continuous)

  1. I [color=violet]have been there. - The present perfect.
  2. My car [color=violet]is being repaired. - The present continuous. Passive voice.

been ~ the past participle of the auxiliary “to be”. (be, was, been)
being ~ “ing” form of the verb “to be”.

Now, I am wondering about what could be the main verb in #2.

Is it that

“is” is the first auxiliary.
“being” is the second auxiliary.
“repaired” is the main verb.


Thank u my teacher

Thank u so much for explain more

Amazing , thank you so much