Bed 'n' Breakfast


fish ‘n’ chips / fish-n-chips / fish N chips
rock’n’roll / rock N roll
Bed 'n’ Breakfast / Bed ‘n Breakfast / Bed n’ Breakfast
and so on

Could you give a comment about the contraction (which form is ‘more correct’)?
And what about spaces around n?

Hi Tamara,

My first reaction is that this is simply an attempt to write what is said when it is said quickly. Logically you would write the apostrophe either side of ‘n’ to indicate that the ‘a’ and the ‘d’ are missing and the space either side would be appropriate for the missing letters, too. That said, it’s probably best to write the full word ‘and’. It’s not asking a lot, is it? No doubt chip and pin will receive the same treatment.


It would probably be better to use ‘and’ in anything professional. I believe the ‘n’ would be more slang than anything. When we say fish and chips for example, we tend to swallow the ‘and’ and it sounds more like the letter ‘n’.


Thank you, Alan for this.

Pyro, slang?… Not professional?
But they use the contraction - in writing
US … london.asp
fish n chips tickets…hmm…

Not to mention rock n roll, rock’n’roll, rock N roll, etc., which are ‘more right’, in some sense, than just ‘rock and roll’…

I mean, one day everyone can be put in a situation where he/she needs to write it (the contraction) right :slight_smile:


Possibly if you’re a diehard, you might baulk at the use of ‘n’ for ‘and’.