Because the world is changing so quickly, people are now less happy

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
Because the world is changing so quickly, people are now less happy or less satisfied with their lives than people were in the past.

Nowadays, the universe is changing quickly. Some experts think that it is not satisfactory, while others believe that it has very benefits. Personally, though, I believe that these modifications cause positive effects on people’s lives.
To begin with, the quality and quantity of health care has improved more now than in the past. Today, the basic health care is available to many people. There are many clinics and doctor. The doctors know more about the diseases and the cures. While in the past, a lot of person died because of such simple things such as an infection or a virus. My own experience demonstrates convincing evidence of this. When I was a child, my uncle had the heart disease. In my town, there was not suitable surgery technology for healing him. As a result, my uncle died. In contrast, one year ago, one of my close friends had cancer. He accomplished an advanced surgery successfully. As a result of advancing health care, my friend is alive and is very happy.
A part from the points made above, no one can overlook the fact that the transportation system has advanced more than it ever was. Persons can use a wide variety of transportation systems such as bus, train, ship, plan and so on. The transportation today is much cheaper than ever. I have personally experienced this fact during my time. When my grandmother was a young girl, she would have liked to travel to America, but there was not any suitable transportation system in her city. As a result, she could not access to her dream. In contrast, last year, I would have liked to take a trip to India. I merely go to the airport office and provided a ticket just in a few hours. Then I went to Indian easily and apace. This example provides another reasons why changing in the words not only has increased the longevity of the persons, but also they enjoy their own life by earning to their wishes.
To put it in a not shell, I am of the opinion that these world modifications has provided a good life for men and women. This is because the medical treatments have been improved, and because the transportation system has been advanced.

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